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The holidays are here which means family, fun, giving....and a lot of desserts. With that said, use this time of year as an excuse to start some healthy habits that will leave your body thanking you. For a moment, I am tossing my PR hat aside and recalling some knowledge from my days as a health and fitness practitioner to bring you some easy in-office exercises. It is a valid concern that you might not want to call attention to yourself, or make a ruckus in the office, so these are meant to create little disturbance and rank low on the embarrassment scale. You can also teach fellow co-workers and ask them to join in!

Regular physical activity is one of the most effective disease prevention behaviors. Even short bursts help to pull oxygen into your blood stream and can increase energy and help you operate more efficiently. In addition to your physical activity program, try these three exercises at work to give you eyes a break from your screen and show some love to your body!

1. Chair Hovering Mini Squat.

All you need to do is put you feet shoulder width apart and engage your glutes and dig your heels into the ground. Lift up about two inches off your chair and lower back down – but don’t touch! Do this ten times and repeat three times (three sets of ten) as you get better! For a full squat, follow the same instructions but come all the way up to stand straight and then lower.

2. Ab Chair Workout.

 Repeat ten times. Try two sets of ten to start, then work your way up to more sets as you improve.

3. Calf raises.

These are easy to do, and you can be inconspicuous about it. Simply put your feet together, stand tall, and elevate onto the balls of your feet, then lower. Next time you are up getting a drink, or have a moment to stand, do three sets of 12. You can use your hand on a wall or counter to help for balance.

Remember that we are human beings, built to move, walk and be mobile. Most of us however are relegated to a desk and computer so make sure to take time to do good for your body! 


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