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The world of social media changes quickly. Each year, the constant flow of new platforms, features and trends, leaves many social marketers scrambling to stay ahead of the game. If this history and a handful of recently emerging trends are any indication, 2016 will be the host of yet another boom of social innovation. 

Be on the lookout for these 5 social media trends in 2016: 

1. Video

2015 was a big year for video, 2016 will be even bigger. Last year, Facebook’s video content exploded to more than 8 billion views daily, while Snapchat now estimates its users view roughly 6 billion videos per day. This is in addition to the already dominant YouTube, and other social networks like Vine, Twitter and Instagram. And there’s some serious innovation on the horizon when it comes to video. Facebook already unveiled its 360 Video platform late last year and likely has more in store for 2016 with it’s Oculus Rift virtual reality technology.

2. Coming To You Live

Social media is already pretty “in-the-moment,” but platforms like Periscope are taking this concept to even higher levels with the ability to livestream just about anything. Already, Periscope estimates that its users collectively watch 40 years of live video every day


Brands are already taking note — athletic apparel giant Nike, recently pivoted it’s new product launches away from Apple-esque symposiums to more intimate Periscope sessions featuring one or more of its signature athletes. And expect both citizen and major news outlets to embrace more livecasting this year. When the tragic Paris terror attacks occurred, many immediately turned to Periscope as their primary source of information in lieu of major news outlets.

3. Buy-Buy-Buy

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram all debuted “buy button” features in 2015. This allows mobile users who see a product they like in a sponsored post to now purchase it with one click, all without ever leaving comfortable confines of the app. Safe to say, that by the end of 2016, most, if not all major brands will feature some kind of buy button within their social advertising campaigns.

4. But You Can Never Leave…

In 2015, we already saw Facebook work with publishers to bring articles directly to its users with Instant Articles, develop an in-post search engine and is now expected to roll out its own digital assistant (watch out Siri). In 2016, look for social platforms to improve in-app functionality in an effort to prevent users from ever leaving the app. And as part of a larger push to get consumers to watch and read within their social apps, expect platforms to work with more content creators and brands, allowing for more custom-branded content to flow through news feeds.

5. Longform Strikes Back?

Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, Facebook and even Twitter are encouraging longform blog-type posts on their respective platforms. And while a Tweet will always be displayed in the normal 140-character format, proposed changes would include a call-to-action link that reveals a full text article in your timeline. These changes will again, keep users on-site and for longer time periods, while at the same time, promoting lengthier, high-quality content — Now that’s a win-win!


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