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Apple. One of the quintessential symbols in the technology industry. Apple has single handedly taken technology to another level, and developed a lasting reputation in our society. As most of you know, Apple released a ton of new products. Among the anticipated iPhone 6 and 6+, Apple released a genius product. This product was Apple Pay. This new software is design to pretty much make your wallet obsolete. The purpose of thisnew feature is to merge all of your existing credit cards, debit cards and gift cards on one platform. Apple Pay is merged with the Touch ID on the iPhone 6 generation and up to make user experience even more easier.

This software uses a relatively new technology called NFC, Near Field Communications. This is the technology that allows you to scan your phone over. This new characteristic that Apple is bringing to the new iPhones is going to open up the world of marketing for different companies. So far, over 220,000 realtors have integrated the Apple Pay software into their payment systems. Some of those companies are Macy’s, Whole Food, Walgreen, McDonald’s and many many more!

With this new software, Apple has provided a new revenue for retailers to increase traffic to their companies. There are a couple new ways for companies to advertise their businesses and products. Apple pay is rumored to be synced up with the Passbook app as well as many other mobile shopping apps. This allows the companies to display different coupons, promotion codes, or other loyalty programs. Some promotions that different companies would use are that if you use the mobile app to purchase an item, you get 20 percent off. See this is a smart business move. You are advising the consumer to download, or purchase the mobile app as well as attract them to buy the product because of a discount. We Americans cannot resist any deals that a retailer brings to us, so we would go through the extra work to acquire this deal.

This is a part of the future of marketing and advertisement for retailer companies. With the evolution of technology, marketing companies will have to shift their forms of communications to a digital platform.


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