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Facebook reverses rule regarding contests

September 20, 2013

One of the areas we help clients with is social media.

While I think it’s probably more beneficial for a client to operate their ...

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Zsolt Bcskey: Mobile Marketing Trends That Matter

September 14, 2013

This is a GREAT piece that sums up how marketers should look at mobile. It's the same mentality that should be used for social ...

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The Mysterious World of Fashion PR

September 11, 2013

When I was a freshman in college, I was hooked up with an internship in L.A. through a family friend that ran a small ...

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Are you familiar with the PRSA Code of Ethics?

September 9, 2013

Unless you’re enrolled in a public relations course, studying for your APR or a PRSA member, you’re probably not too familiar with the ...

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PR perspective: How to change your opinion and still be credible

September 2, 2013

The short answer is it depends. The long answer is this: You'll have to be able to explain why and under what pretense. More ...

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