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Crisis Communications - Uber Style

February 22, 2017

Whether you're a fan or not, Uber employed the right plan for their recent sexual harassment scandal. See what Stalwart Communications Founder David Oates ...

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PR Rule #5 — All You Have Is Your Credibility

February 16, 2017

Once you’ve lost it, it’s almost impossible to get back.

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RIP CW6 News - More Will Follow

February 9, 2017

Most of us have seen the announcement by XETV regarding the end of its English-speaking news programming after March 31. There are some experienced, highly ...

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San Diego’s Sports Brand - Better Than Ever

February 1, 2017

Let me be the first to say that San Diego’s sports brand is not just ok, but FRIGGIN’ awesome!

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3 PR Lessons From The Alternative Facts Debacle

January 23, 2017

Politics aside, companies should use the incident as guidance for what NOT to do. Watch this piece to see what the 3 lessons are.

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San Diegans - Your Football Brand Has Never Looked Better

January 19, 2017

Amidst the debacle of the Chargers’ slithering off to a city that doesn’t even want them, many in America's Finest City missed one ...

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