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Women are 50 percent more likely to say something negative about themselves than positive on Twitter, according to new research commissioned by Dove, a brand rooted in "listening to women" and the creators of the ever-evolving Real Beauty campaign. The study noted four out of every five negative tweets about beauty and body image are women putting themselves down.

“Ideas and opinions about body image are now fluidly shared every second through social feeds, and sometimes we do not fully realize the resounding impact of the words in even one post," said Jennifer Bremner, Dove's Director of Marketing. "The power to #SpeakBeautiful is in the hands of us all–we can positively change the way future generations express themselves online.”

In an effort to counter our inner critics, Dove partnered with Twitter to make the social network a platform for social change. The campaign is called #SpeakBeautiful, encouraging women to realize the role our online words play in impacting our confidence and self-esteem. The campaign kicks off this Sunday night during arguably the most judged moment of the year - the red carpet at the Academy Awards pre-show. Here is an ad from the #SpeakBeautiful campaign:

Dove will also make use of a Twitter tool that identifies key words, specifically about appearance and body image, throughout Oscar night 2015. Negative tweets will be flagged and Dove's self-esteem experts will send non-automated responses, which include constructive and accessible advice to encourage more positive online language and habits. 

“Social media is playing a critical role in showing and shaping how women and girls feel about themselves,” said Danah Boyd, social media scholar and reasearcher with Microsoft Research. “Yet, women do not realize how online dialogue can contribute to negative mindsets and behavior towards beauty both on and offline. We women have an incredible opportunity to be more thoughtful about how we speak about ourselves and others on social media. The power is truly at our fingertips.”

Happy to see Twitter follow Dove’s lead in an effort to combat bullying and negativity on the platform. Dove also plans to keep responding to negative tweets throughout the year. Bring on more messages of confidence, optimism, and kindness about beauty online! 


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