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I've been having fun thinking of the medals I'd like to hand out for Rio 2016 Olympic Branding! 

Go Team USA! 

"We are more alike my friends, then we are unalike." That's the overarching message behind Apple's TV spot rolled out during Rio 2016 as part of its “Shot on iPhone” campaign. The ad shows photos and video recorded by different people across the globe as Maya Angelou recites her “Human Family” poem. Who better than Maya Angelou to serve as a beacon of hope and sensibility during this troubled time marked by gun violence, bombings and political hysteria. Poetry is such a moving way to honor diversity and celebrate the spirit of the games! They are top of the podium, in my opinion. 

The New York Times created some truly incredible interactive Team USA athlete profiles with support from vehicle brand Infiniti. The longform mobile-friendly content tells stories of gymnast Simone Biles, high jumper Derek Drouin, swimmer Ryan Lochte and triple jumper Christian Taylor. You can view highlights of their road to Rio and the mechanics behind their incredible movement through the most dynamic journalism I've ever seen. Bravo New York Times/Infiniti! 

Whether you like the designs or not, tip of a yachting-inspired cap to Ralph Lauren who designed Team USA's uniforms again this year. The account has remained with Lauren for the last five Olympics. It’s arguably the best exposure a brand can get since it’s attracting a global audience of billions. They say the NFL owns a day of the week, but Ralph Lauren owns the Olympics. 


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