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I try to use my blog, every month, as sort of a, “here is what I am thinking this week,” type deal; sometimes what I am thinking gets published, other times, not.

I spent my entire college life hearing about how communication majors need to be able to do multiple things, after they graduate. With that mentality, I tried to make sure that I was well familiar with a variety of skills, ranging from website design, to audio and video editing, to video production and more. I never knew how true that pointer would end up being until recently, after working on several different duties, the past month or so.

For instance, throughout the past several weeks, I have, created a set of surveys, which helped familiarize myself with Google Drive, made a script to help manufacture video content for a client, written a contributed article, as well as some press releases and pitches, which I sent to several publications, nationwide.

Ultimately, the more you know, the better the chances you have of being an “invaluable asset.” Now that this isn’t college anymore, and we don’t have a professor available to teach us, we might have to try and figure a lot of this new stuff out, on our own. So, don’t be afraid to volunteer and step up to learn new software, write while using a technique that you are not familiar with or try anything outside of the ordinary, because the best way to get better at something, is to learn by doing.


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