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I don't know anyone in the communications arm of Florida State University's Athletic Department, but it's safe to say that those folks have gotta be some of the toughest PR professionals in town.

Who else has to spend the very same day fielding positive stories about the Seminoles' Number One spot atop the Associated Press Division I college football rankings at the same time working through the never ending saga of players behaving badly?

The reality is that the PR professionals can't separate the two. The only option is to try to put both in perspective. A good way to do this is to acknowlege that while some of their highly visible and productive players may be caught in some very precarious legal and social issues, the bulk of the team is not only focused on their actions on the field, but also the quality of their activities off of it - including the classroom. Trying to focus on one over the other won't work. The media will see to that, particularly if it's a juicy story like the one on their hand with their quarterback, Jameis Winston. 

Herein lies the lesson for corporate PR professionals. If you have good and bad stories mixing together in the soup we call the news cycle, don't try to make two separate episodes. Instead, make a gumbo and put all the pieces in perspective. It's the only sure way you'll get any positive press.


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