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When the talk of the Chargers leaving San Diego started, I never really believed it would ever happen. I figured the team and city would somehow find a solution and come to an agreement. Almost every fan I knew was distraught over the stadium situation. But it never really hit me until Dec. 20 when I watched the Chargers last home game on TV. Then, it was apparent. This team is leaving.

I have a lot of great memories from the “Q.” I witnessed victories and record-breaking performances. I was in the end zone when LT broke the single-season touchdown record against the Denver Broncos on December 10, 2006. In addition, I met my husband at a Chargers game. We started a new tradition of attending road games. You know you’re a true fan when you travel to Denver and Chicago in November. Last year, our five-month-old son was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly and needed to wear a DOC band to correct the shape of his skull. Of course we rocked out his helmet with a custom Chargers wrap. The team was kind enough to host our family at Chargers Park and sign his helmet and take photos. It was a day my husband and I will never forget and we can’t wait to share the photos with our son once he’s old enough to understand how cool it really was.

I also witnessed heartbreak. My best friend and I purchased playoff tickets to the Chargers vs. Patriots game on January 14, 2007. We spent a pretty penny for nose bleed seats. In fact, we were the very last row in View, but we didn’t care. We HAD to be at that game. I’ll never forget the ending and how miserable everyone looked walking down the ramp.

As the Houston meeting convenes, I’m heartbroken. Not only are we losing our team, but this vote will ultimately result in many other negative impacts for San Diego. Consider all of the local nonprofits the organization aided. The team supported a wide range of charities and community organizations every year. I always saw stories and photos of Chargers players visiting sick children in the hospital to lift their spirits. Well, that’s gone. What about the Annual Blood Drive? The community’s longest running and most successful life-saving events of the year. Adios. But there’s more. The Shoe Distribution, Food Drive, Toys for Tots, Toss for Tots, Teddy Bear Drive, Bike Giveaway and many others. All gone. Thankfully, we still have the Padres who also do a lot for the community.

While we’re likely losing our team, my hope is that other local organizations, big or small, will step up and find ways to give back and help those in need in 2016.


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