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"In the world of the click it's the most provocative headline that wins and the content doesn't really matter. When you care about what happens after the click, when you care about peoples' attention, then the only thing that keeps peoples' attention is great, quality content." Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat

I know 13 plus minutes is a lot to ask these days, but this video put together by the BBC's "Future of News" project is great quality content! The piece predicts big trends we'll be experiencing throughout the next 10 years answering questions such as local vs. global news, the purpose of news, impact of technology, privacy and personalization. It's a must watch for any public relations and marketing professional, as well as those looking to use those services. 

"The breaking of news is no longer solely going to be the domain of news organizations. What has to be, though, is the role of journalism because in a world where everyone can report on news there is a lot of noise. The journalist's role is now more important than ever to find the signal in all of that noise and help tell a story with authority and with context that helps all of us understand what the hell is actually going on." Alexis Ohanian, founder and executive chairman of Reddit


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