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As a mom, I’m always interested in product recalls or issues related to baby products. I recently came across a post in a Facebook group that called out GoGo SqueeZ, a company that makes baby food pouches. The mother took to the company’s Facebook page and shared (with a photo) that one of the pouches contained mold and as a result of her son eating it, he was hospitalized. How did GoGo SqueeZ respond? With a big, fat delete. When I read this, I couldn’t help but cringe. A company should never delete a comment like this. It not only makes them look guilty from the start, but what’s the point in having an area for people to post if you’re going to monitor it and delete the things you don’t want visible? Come on, GoGo SqueeZ. That’s social media 101. The mother then reposted again on the company’s page and called them out for removing her post. This time, the company responded. However, it was 11 days later with an Update to Our Community post. It’s been 16 days and the company hasn’t posted anything else on its Facebook page and they’re continuing to receive numerous complaints on their page in regards to other mold cases. Parents are demanding the product be recalled, but GoGo SqueeZ remains quiet. This is a big no-no when it comes to crisis communication. You have to keep communication channels open when something goes awry and keep the public updated on what you’re doing to investigate and correct the situation. Below is the original post as well as many others by people who have come across these moldy pouches. Call me crazy, but I think GoGo SqueeZ has a BIG problem on their hands and they appear to be losing customers left and right. 


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