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As public relations professionals, we’re constantly working with clients on various initiatives, including writing articles, pitching story ideas and other tasks. When we’re successful and secure those highly sought after placements, it’s not only rewarding for us as an agency because we delivered meaningful results, but it’s exciting for our clients as well. It’s confirmation that they’re experts in their field and they’re thrilled to see their company name published in a well-known magazine.

While the company might be on a PR high because the article resulted in hundreds of tweets or Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ shares, it’s important for companies to know that the work doesn’t stop there. Getting an article placement is just the first step, but there are many other opportunities to leverage the piece and increase the amount of eye balls viewing your article. Here are four tips for companies to keep in mind to get the most out of their article placements.

1. Share on social media.
It’s not only important that the author of the article shares the piece on their social networks, but it’s equally important to get the entire team involved. Once the placement has occurred, ask your staff to post a message with a link to the article on their social networks. In fact, if you’re able to craft a few short messages for each platform, that will make it even easier for them to share since all they have to do is copy and paste. It’s not a bad idea to draft up two or three different types of messages so your entire team isn’t posting the same content. Lastly, don’t forget to include hashtags that are relevant to the article for Twitter and Facebook.

2. Include in the newsletter.
Once an article goes live, it’s a good time to distribute a newsletter to your subscribers. Remember, this is your time to brag. This offers validation to your current clients that they’re truly working with an expert in the field. In addition, it’s a good opportunity to give those prospective clients who subscribe to your newsletter just another reason to sign on the dotted line. When including the article in your newsletter, don’t include the entire piece. Instead, provide the intro and a short teaser with a link back to your website that offer the full article. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site.

3. Add to the website.
The ideal place to showcase where your company has been mentioned is on your website. Be sure to have a “Press” or “In the News” section displayed on your navigation bar. This will ensure that even those who visit your site down the road will still be able to access the article. Providing a list of those placements as well as links to pieces can only help.

4. Share with associations.
I’m involved with a few associations in which they ask their members to share company news with them. In turn, it’s included in the organization’s newsletter. It doesn’t hurt to send a quick note to the groups you’re involved with and provide them with a link to the article so they can share it with the other members. Don‘t be surprised if the next time you’re at an event and someone mentions they read your piece. Take advantage of all the groups you’re in to spread the news. It might even result in the organization asking if you can present on the topic in the future.

Companies need to make sure they’re leveraging all channels to ensure they’re getting the most out of landing a good prominent article in a news outlet. It’s equally important for companies to continue to monitor articles and review the comments section. This is your chance to interact with readers who provide feedback and engage in meaningful conversations. You never know who those people are or who they work for that could lead to something more.


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