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In October, I was invited to attend a neighborhood bunco party. I had never played before, but was told it’s easy to learn and there was wine involved. Great, sign me up. However, there was an extra bonus. This particular evening wasn’t your typical bunco night. Instead of participants winning money at the end, each player donated $15 to play and all the funds went toward the host’s Pedal for a Cause team. Winners won other gifts that the host provided. In addition, there was a raffle, which offered another opportunity for participants to donate more. 

Not only did I have a great time and had the opportunity to meet other neighbors, but it felt good knowing the funds went to a great cause. It immediately made me want to host the next event and give back again. Given we were entering the holidays, I opted to adopt a family with all the funds collected. 

My November bunco night was attended by more than 22 women who came together to enjoy an evening of fun and we raised $365 to help a family in need this holiday season. My good friend and neighbor, Carl Skaja, helped pair us with a family. When I received the following message, I knew our night of fun was going to make a real, significant impact for this family.

“I just spoke with the mother a few minutes ago and she broke my heart.  They need blankets and I asked her what size.  After thinking for a moment, she said individual size for the kids would be good.  I asked her if they had twin beds because I needed to know how big the bed was and she told me they had a great big bed  - the carpet.  They sleep on the floor.”

This family didn’t provide an extensive wish-list filled with toys and other unnecessary items. Instead, they were seeking the basics, including blankets, towels, jackets, socks, clothes and PJs. 

The next time you’re looking to host an event, find a way to include a fundraising aspect so you can help others at the same time.

Merry Christmas!


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