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Like many others, I'm shocked at the play of the Kansas City Royals in the playoffs so far. A wild card entrant, they came back to beat an Oakland team that looked to be cruising to the division series, went on to sweep the favored LA Angels in three straight games and, as of this writing, are leading the Orioles in the best-of-seven AL Championship Series two games to none. Few would have dreamed that a team which hasn't seen the playoffs in 29 years would have had a chance let alone dominated the post season so far.

One of those that I'm sure is very surprised is Major League Baseball executives. They're also probably not at all happy. Kansas City isn't exactly a hot media market and the idea of the Royals going to the World Series may mean lower-than-expected television ratings, as LA and New York fans may not care as much. But this is a short sided. There is, in fact, a great PR opportunity here.

Baseball has gotten a bad rap of late, where it seems the big market, big budgeted teams have an unfair advantage. The LA Dodgers Payroll is more than two and one-half times that of the Royals. There's a David vs. Goliath story here and one that resonates very well with sports and non-sports fans alike. While the MLB front office doesn't appear to be doing much, they have a great chance to captivate the American consumer and make their product more endearing to the general public. It can come at no better time as Football continues to graple with domestic violence issues perpetuated by some of it's players. So instead of leaving things to their own devices, I would implore Major League Baseball to embrace the story that the Kansas City Royals are writing and promote it as widely and enthusiastically as possible. If they do, there will be great financial dividends in the future.


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