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So this really isn’t a marketing blog post. Well, maybe it is….kinda sorta. Let me explain.

As the head of an agency that proudly serves a wide range of organizations, our mission is to increase their awareness to a wider audience. We do so by promoting positive messages and espousing our clients’ virtues without denigrating their rivals. It’s how it should be.

I wish my politics were the same. As I write this, I’m watching news coverage of the ongoing primary process and how the party of Lincoln is now being led by a demagogue; an angry white man who purposely tries to marginalize certain segments of the population in an “US vs. THEM” mantra. He feeds off of fear and incites a crowd into a hateful, belligerent, vitriolic state. Eight months ago, I thought this was all an act. I was wrong. As a marketer and -- more important -- a voter, I’m sickened.

I remember the days when being a public servant was a noble profession, when the passions of a policy position could be made without demonizing those holding opposing views, when consensus and compromise were viewed as virtuous traits. In short, I pray that the ghosts of Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan will one day come back and take their rightful place in the federal government.

These leaders, one guiding the U.S. House of Representatives and the other holding the Office of President, were, by all accounts, polar opposites in terms of their political beliefs. One was a fiscal and moral conservative, and the other a staunch Boston liberal. That didn’t stop these two Irishmen from getting together in the private chambers on Capitol Hill with their favorite adult beverage and find common ground to advance needed legislation. Neither got all of what they wanted, but they secured enough. Equally of note was that neither of them cared who got the credit. Instead, Tip and Ronny were bonded by a common, positive theme; to advance the welfare of all Americans. Most important, they genuinely considered each other their friend.

As my teammates and I continue to expand the positive images of our clients that will result in new business, I long for the days when my politics will act accordingly. I’ll certainly be voting this November, and the candidate who is privileged to have my support will be the one that acts closest to Tip and Ronny.

If you’d like to read more on how this was done, I recommend Chris Matthews' book, Tip and The Gipper: When Politics Worked.


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