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One cardinal rule in marketing is that people buy from folks that they know, like and trust.

That’s true as much for the local coffee shop as it is for online retailers like Zappos.

No matter the business or target market, customers want to feel a connection on a personal level with those they purchase.

Your brand has a lot do to with that and, by extension, you.

All of your marketing initiatives — be it social media, email, PR, advertising, SEO and the like —  must showcase your human side on some level and show how your core values align with your company. Here are a few examples with some of the clients that we’re proud to work with:

And here's a recent one from me.

Now all of this doesn’t necessarily need to be community-service related, though such activities show a caring aspect of you and your organization very well. Take a look at this Zappos Instagram post to see what I mean.

The point here is to help people gain a greater appreciation for you and your company’s personality. Be yourself when you do and don’t use them to bombard audiences your company’s products or services. The catalyst to converting sales will be to endear yourself to a patron on an emotional level. The more they like you, the more likely they are to open their wallets.


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