Posted by David Oates 2 years, 3 months ago


I see the “scare” and “anger” tactic often used in marketing. Placing fear in a customer who, unbeknownst to them before, was blindly following a path that will lead to dramatic ruin unless they try your product or service.

I get it. Such eye-catching, memorable tactics bring about an immediate response from prospective customers. Moreover, the strategy transcends practically any market, from consumer, business, politics and other circles.

Take heed, though. Such actions can’t sustain themselves.

Anyone who ever wanted to stay angry for prolonged periods of time knows that doing so comes at a cost. Health and well-being deteriorate in large part due to the amount of energy required to maintain that emotion. Even in the direst of circumstances, individuals will find it difficult, if not impossible, to keep that up for long. Two things will happen over time. A person will either keel over from a stress-induced medical ailment or wind up just getting numb to whatever triggered the anger and move on. Regardless, the “anger” tactic’s effectiveness will wane.

Instead, try injecting hope and humor into a campaign. Give people a reason to feel good about themselves and, in return, those products and services that helped bring out that positive energy. Folks will spend lots of time and - most important to marketers - lots of money to avoid pain. Offerings that can remedy their emotional as well as physical pain points without causing harm to others will last.


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