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“If you do not want to be filmed at all you can excuse yourself from the office (or hide under your desk).”

That was direction from Erin Vogelsanger, gap intelligence’s Product Specialist and social media extraordinaire, in advance of the market research firm’s first live stream. We had the privilege of assisting because gap intelligence is a client.

We filmed two “scopes.” Erin gave a tour of the office in the kickoff stream and the second was a “what I learned this week” session from gap intelligence’s President, COO, and desktop analyst.

If you’re a company looking to try out Periscope, I have a few lessons learned from the first go round:

Keep it casual and unrehearsed. Human nature is to “talk like someone on TV” when a camera is pointed at us. However, the more you talk like yourself, the more compelling. Anything too rehearsed is a departure from the beauty of this app. If you stumble words, laugh, or make another misstep, it’s A OKAY. Those little humiliations humanize us and often add endearment.

Collaborate to connect. What’s interesting on Periscope isn’t just your take on things, it’s seeing you interact with other people. Without that, there is no drama. That’s a huge appeal of scoping and the surprises unveiled from moment to moment. There shouldn’t be too much of you. 

Interactive, Planetary. Planetary, Interactive. Erin giving a tour of the gap intelligence office teed up interaction perfectly. She went desk by desk introducing her colleagues for interplay between gappers and the viewers tuning in. In scope #2 we had three participants sitting next to each other. This worked okay, but if I had to do it over again, I’d focus less on one talking head and more conversation among the group and with the viewers. It’s a great tool for soliciting questions for an instant focus group, general feedback, etc.

Promote engagement. Streams can be shared on social media, especially Twitter (duh, Twitter owns Periscope) during the broadcast and for 24 hours after the stream goes live. A notification will pop up saying “BgoodJohnny shared via Facebook” so you can thank Johnny right away on air. Also don’t be shy about encouraging viewers to share via social. You really need to “look alive” on the lefthand side of your smartphone screen to be aware of and react to all the engagement — users joining the stream, sharing to social, asking questions, etc. Act as though they’re in the room with you too. Once “that’s a wrap” set up a schedule for rebroadcasting the scope.

Find the sweet spot. Erin watched a ton of live streams in preparation for gap’s launch and mentioned five minutes as an ideal length per scope and I agree. For sure, people scope much longer or shorter, but it’s important to be mindful of our attention spans. Leave them wanting more, not feeling bored.

Beware of trolls. It just so happened to be animal-themed “Wild Wear Wednesday” at gap intelligence and Operations Specialist Laurel Popplewell was rocking an AMAZING cat t-shirt in this vein:

The t-shirt was highlighted during the Periscope and a viewer asked her to “stand up.” I assumed they wanted a good look at the FANTASTIC t-shirt. Then, we moved on to another gapper dressed in her finest professional wear and the viewer asked if she’d “stand up.” Ummm no. Pervert. Eyes wide open, next time.

A lot of people are asking, why Periscope? My answer is simply, why not? Clearly, you don’t want to give away proprietary information or too much for free, but it’s a good way to create brand awareness for the company and hopefully drive traffic to your website. How many times can you say the name of your website URL and encourage viewers to check it out :) Companies can use it to tease their industry stripes, showcase their personality, solicit feedback, etc.

One viewer in San Diego mentioned how gap intelligence seemed like a cool company and asked if they were hiring. Erin quickly rattled off gap intelligence’s website and pointed them to the careers section. I consider that a success!

gap intelligence will be scoping weekly, so you can follow along as a company new to the service fine tunes the details. User name gapintelligence. We would love your feedback and suggestions! 


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