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I’ve got a good friend who’s a stellar strategic operations and executive consultant named John Neuhart. He’s a dedicated family man and a selfless volunteer in various organizations like the Rotary Club of San Diego and STAR/PAL. I’m proud to call him friend.

So it was disheartening to me when someone of the same name - even the same middle initial - who took his good name and smeared it over the Google Search rankings of late. Cmdr. John Neuhart, United States Navy, recently pleaded not guilty to a series of attempted sexual assault charges. The ensuing media coverage of this scandal has use my friend - or as I call him the REAL John Neuhart - and his name in vain.

What’s a guy to do? Well, if you’re him, he called me to help. We sprung into action by securing the URL, and launch a website. I then put together an animated video and posted on YouTube. My team and I boosted the site and YouTube video through a series of Pay-Per-Click advertisements, including Google AdWords, Facebook/Instragrm ads and posting on Twitter and LinkedIn.

This serves as a good case study for those who find themselves in a situation where their name is muddied for reasons outside of their own doing. It’s a good idea to Google yourself every now and then to see what comes up and take action if necessary.


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