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When an employee prepares for maternity leave, they’re likely counting down the weeks (or days) until they’re done with work. For me, I worked up until the very last minute. Literally. As my husband and I headed to the hospital and I awaited my epidural, nurses were shocked to see me laying in my hospital bed with my laptop sending my final “hand over” emails to the team, posting my out-of-office message and changing my cell phone voicemail all while dealing with some intense contractions. People thought I was crazy and to their point, maybe I am a little.

After four joyous months of maternity leave, I returned to Stalwart in March. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult of a transition. Perhaps that was because I was secretly checking emails while I was away. Who really wants to come back to an inbox filled with thousands of emails? The thought gave me anxiety. I was motivated to stay ahead of the game so that when my leave ended, my time could be spent more efficiently. Since my return, I’ve discovered three ways my role as a mother and a public relations professional are very similar.

1. Multi-tasking

Anyone who’s had a baby knows that the ability to multi-task is of paramount importance. As a new mother, the beginning is very challenging as you try to determine how you can accomplish so much in what seems like so little time. After a few days, I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of tasks I could fit in to what seemed like minutes. As a public relations professional, the ability to multi-task is extremely important because we’re constantly switching gears. This is especially true at an agency when you handle numerous accounts.

2. Patience

If there’s one piece of advice that I could pass along to a new expecting mom, it would be to have patience. Things are tough early on, but I assure you, they WILL get better. when you encounter challenging days, just remember that you’ll get through it and to have a little patience with the process. When pitching stories to the media, sometimes we don’t have success the first go around. This is an opportunity to take a step back and reevaluate your goals and objectives. Do you need to tweak your approach? Do you need to take a different angle with the pitch? It’s ok if things don’t pan out on your first try, but keep at it and don’t give up.

3. Devotion

Once my little girl entered the world, I couldn’t love her any more than I already did. I care so deeply for her well-being and want to be the best mom I can to her. As a PR professional, I am 100 percent devoted to my job, company, co-workers and clients. When I have a certain responsibility and others depend on me to hold up my end of the bargain, I don’t like to disappoint. This is just an example of why it was so important for me to perform those last few tasks before officially signing off for maternity leave. I’d like to think that I put my heart and soul into everything I do.

While this is just the beginning of my journey as a mother, I’ve encountered so many similarities between my roles. I enjoy and find satisfaction in both motherhood and my profession.

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