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1.   Use a Journal

I’ve found it very beneficial to use a journal during my internship. In the past, I have been asked in an interview about something from an internship that I could not remember. I recently purchased a journal, and I am now using it to record my experience. It is very beneficial to write everything down because as the weeks pass, important information is easily lost. I recommend writing down everything you work on day by day so you never forget. Journaling will help in the future when you edit your portfolio/resume and most importantly, when you have to prepare for an interview.

2.   Make Goals

Internship experiences are what you make them. If you want to walk away feeling more experienced in your field, make small goals that will help you achieve your overall career goals. To create my internship goals, I used current job postings for publicist positions. Using current postings will ensure that you are qualified for jobs of interest after your internship experience is over. A few examples of my goals are to practice writing press releases, media advisories, op-eds, and blogs.

3.   Ask Questions

Ask lots of questions! Either you’re still in school or you’ve just graduated, so you’re not expected to know everything. Plus you only learn so much in college. Everyone in your office has knowledge of the Communications Industry, so they will be very helpful. Ask your co-workers about their journeys and experiences. There’s a chance they may share something they wish they knew when they were in your position.

 4.   Use your Resources

As an intern, you’ll have access to lots of resources including your company president. Create a strong relationship with your colleagues, as well as the other professionals in your industry. Every relationship that you make counts, especially in San Diego because I’ve found that literally everyone knows each other. For example:

I had an industry meeting with one Account Coordinator, who shared her story with me. Her story is actually pretty unique because she was hired without even applying. This Account Coordinator was recommended for her job by her previous employer, which happened to be her internship. The president of a Communications firm called around looking for an Account Coordinator and she was given the information of one intern. The president called the intern for an interview, and later hired her as an Account Coordinator for her company.

Like this, your relationships can help or hinder you, so always be kind, respectful, and diligent!

5.   Do your Research

Even though you may have landed that perfect internship, never stop researching the industry. PR and marketing is so dynamic and the requirements are always changing so you need to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and tricks of the trade. Research what type of experience employers in communications require and make sure what you are learning is relevant to help you get hired at the agency where you’re interning or find a dream job elsewhere.


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