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Lately I’ve been on a mission to discover new tools that will help me work smarter. My colleague, Tyler Hustwick, recently introduced Canva to the agency and since then, team members have created awesome graphics to accompany social media posts or other marketing collateral pieces. We’ve used the platform for nearly three months and I think we can all agree it’s a tool we can’t live without. Extra bonus points that it’s free.

This past month, I presented my Brown Bag on Twitter Analytics. During my research on the topic, I stumbled upon Dasheroo. Are you responsible for tracking social media analytics for your company or clients? What about Website analytics? Email analytics? Do you visit each site individually to obtain the data? If so, surely this requires time. Meet Dasheroo. The platform allows companies to track their important KPIs for overall business analytics, web analytics, email marketing, social media, marketing and sales.

The free version provides users with 4 dashboards. Think of a dashboard as a client account. In addition, users are given 12 complimentary data insights. To select an insight, you first pick the app you’re looking to measure. For example, if you select Twitter, you’ll have the option to select from the nine insights options, including overview, engagement, recent tweets, highest engagement, amplification rate, followers, following, tweets and competitor activity. Remember, each of those options counts as a data insight. So if you want to measure them all, you’d only have three remaining insights left if you’re on the free account. Pick your insights wisely. For $19/month, the most popular level, users get 8 dashboards and 30 data insights. To learn more about pricing, click here.

According to Dasheroo, most businesses use 15-20 3rd party apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Mail Chimp, Emma, AdWords, Google Analytics, Zendesk and Quickbooks to run their business. To date, Dasheroo has 7,000 users and 26 integrated apps.

This tool is a must for any professional tracking analytics.


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