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Every Wednesday, SoloPR hosts an hour long Twitter chat. The moderator poses questions and individuals can follow along and answer questions by using the #SoloPR hashtag. I really enjoy the questions and reading how other PR professionals handle certain situations. In particular, last week they asked What are your ideas, tips for effectively on-boarding new client? #SoloPR. Some of the responses included:

Meet in person (if possible) and dig deep into their goals, what keeps them up,
what differentiates them. Learn, learn, learn. #Solopr

Knowing overall business goals is a killer strategy. Knowing how they do what they do
and how you can improve that = big wins #solopr

Put together a launch plan and have a kick-off meeting to ensure everyone is on
same page and stakeholders are engaged #solopr

Know their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. Learn the competitive landscape. #solopr

#solopr Gain a deep understanding of their business/organization, set expectations, under promise and over deliver.

I try to meet in person to fully understand their brand, SWOT, and goals. #solopr

Interview employees, vendors, customers; get a better sense of the biz, brand,
where it is - and where to go next #soloPR

#solopr It's important to learn a new client's working style, expectations and how and
how often they like to receive information.

setting up those workflows is step 1, part of the contract of who's the decision maker #soloPR

The 30-60-90 day plan #soloPR

These are all great suggestions and Stalwart Communications already uses many of them during the new client on-boarding process. One tip in particular that I thought should be stressed is to discuss communication at this initial meeting. Talk about how the team prefers to communicate (email, basecamp or phone), how often (do they want weekly or bi-weekly status updates?), who should be involved (does anyone else need to be copied on email correspondences?) and how often you plan to meet. Having a solid communication plan is crucial to ensure success and a good working relationship.


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