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One of our clients recently attended the Annual National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago. Prior to every event, I not only worked to obtain the media list to make outreach efforts to press attending the event to organize interviews, but I also aimed to capture all relevant hashtags to ensure we’re including the appropriate content in our social media posts.

While researching social media, I found that the NRA displayed the hashtag #NRAShow for participants to use. While I was posting photos of our client at the event with this hashtag, I started looking at other posts from the show by searching the hashtag. What did I come across? The National Riffle Association (NRA) was also hosting its biggest celebration of meetings and exhibits during that same time in Louisville. Can you guess what their designated hashtag was? #NRAShow. On Twitter, most of the posts using that hashtag were from the food event, but I came across many more gun related posts on Instagram.

If you're hosting an event, big or small, ensure you’re creating a unique hashtag that won’t get confused with another event.


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