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I could fix this.

Seriously I could. I think the timing is ideal because, right now, the President-Elect has got to be a bit unhinged as he realizes he actually has to…you know…govern. Trump’s in a real pickle for a couple of reasons. For one, he never really expected to win and, second, he’s ticked off more than one American over the past 18 months who can now make his ability to lead a wee bit challenging. 

Thankfully my PR instincts are kicking into high gear. While I didn’t vote for Trump, I’d sincerely like to help him through this malaise. Best of all, I think it would only take a week. Call it a kind gesture that coincides with the upcoming Season of Giving. I’ll be the Cindy Lou Hoo to his Grinch, the Kris Kringle to his Winter Warlock or the Frosty the Snowman to his Professor Hinkle.

Here’s my plan, with each element taking one full day to complete:

  • Binge Watch “Orange Is the New Black,” “Supergirl" and “Marvel’s Agent Carter”. He should upgrade his Netflix account and start taking in shows that highlight women in strong, complex ways. Trump will need to absorb himself in all the juicy insights about the characters. Most important, he should be sure to highlight his new found knowledge of Girl Power on social media by tweeting “YOU GO GIRL” and “OH NO YOU DID-ENT” for added effect.
  • Build A Mexican Wall…Of Fame. This should be a portable one that can tour all of Trump’s properties around the globe. The wall can highlight some of the true heroes of our country that happen to be of Mexican heritage. He could start with Cesar Chavez, Bill Richardson, Hilda Solis and that Indiana born and raised judge he berated earlier this year. Trump should also include celebrities like George Lopez, Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba. The President-Elect could throw in Cheech Marin too. That will most certainly help him in Colorado, Washington, Montana and Oklahoma. Yes, I know the last state I listed hasn’t legalized pot yet, but I’ve been through there. Believe me - Sooners will love it!
  • Visit Muhammad Ali’s Grave. Trump can knock out two big voter bases simultaneously. Both need strong reassurance that he won’t turn back the prejudicial clock. While there, he should offer the traditional Salâmun ‘Alaikum, or Peace Be With You, greeting to passers-by.
  • Buy Senator John McCain A Beer. I’m thinking Trump owes him one…or several. Better yet, he should invite some Gold Star Families along and pick up the tab. I figure Trump knows a few places to go.
  • Post “Random Acts of Kindness” On Social Media. The President-Elect should be sure to take a little time in the service for others. These could be assisting a single mother juggling groceries and a stroller to her car, providing a homeless person a hot meal, comforting a vet who’s struggling with PTSD or supporting a journalist who is just trying to do their job. Trump should channel some of his Twitter energy to post about these activities, tossing in a selfie every so often just so folks know he was really there! 

The most compelling part of this PR plan is that it’s only a five-part program. That leaves him Saturday and Sunday to hang out with Melania and Barron to do whatever Trumpy-esque things he desires. What’s more, if he follows this strategy, Trump will be on the fast track to a guest spot on Ellen, or in the context of this activity, Mecca. That would be bigly!

I’m hoping the President-Elects reads this and contacts me. I look forward to drafting the proposal. 


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