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I typically start each day reading articles from various PR news outlets such as Bulldog Reporter, PR Daily and a few others. Given that I’m always eager to learn more about analytics, I was particularly interested in PR Metrics That Really Matter. The author provided three metrics that are becoming crucial in today’s PR world. One in particular – measuring actual PR value – really stood out. The author continued to explain that today’s biggest value for PR lies in lead generation—inbound inquiries or interest highlighted at various touch points.

I couldn’t agree more.

As PR practitioners, we should be focused on creating strategies and tactics to help organizations achieve their overall business goals. While securing media coverage and seeing your company’s name in the news is nice, an article that recognizes your organization AND drives leads and coverts them to customers is 100 times better.

I currently work on a client account where I’m manage the media relations, social media and email marketing campaigns. Given the company is a start-up, it’s no surprise they are focused on lead generation. When a lead comes in, it’s very important to understand where it originated from. To do this, the company included a field on their “contact us” form that asks prospects how they heard about the company. Over the past week, we’ve received many leads. We were able to pinpoint that a minimum of three were a result of social media, email marketing and a recent article the company was included in. This is a perfect example that demonstrates the various ways PR can play a role in creating inbound inquiries. In addition, these leads turned into customers.

I’ll take it!


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