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One of our interns is a young man and we were discussing how he is somewhat of a unicorn in public relations. The handful of men I know in the industry are primarily in leadership roles. Ever since this conversation, I've been thinking a lot about the role women play in PR and gone down a rabbit hole of articles surrounding the topic. Particulary NPR's "In Tech Marketing Jobs, Women's Successes are Rarely Recognized" referencing Whitney Wolfe's struggles with the dating app Tinder and the overall treatment of female tech publicists. 

Another friend asked me if I'd heard of the "pink ghetto." She pointed me to a recent New York Magazine article called "Why Do We Treat PR Like a Pink Ghetto?" also referencing Whitney Wolfe and picking apart the stereotypes of mindlessly positive airheads with X chromosomes. The more we can remind others that our job isn't fluffy, the more respect we'll command for our intelligence and the hours spent maintaining contacts with journalists, setting up speaking engagements, writing opinion pieces, annual reports, etc.

Also, why aren't we encouraging more men to join the industry? This really needs to start at the PRSSA level and hopefully bleed into pop culture as gender neutral. Do you have ideas or know of groups encouraging men in PR?


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