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About a year ago, our agency expanded its services to assist clients with their content marketing needs. In addition to blogging, our team got involved with creating and editing videos. One of the best ways to ensure a successful video session is to make certain everyone is on the same page. The last thing you want is to show up at a client site and have individuals unprepared and unable to participate. Maybe they aren’t dressed appropriately or aren’t familiar with the topics that will be covered. Here is an example of our prep sheet that we provide clients to ensure everyone is ready for lights, camera and action.

What is Media Day?
An opportunity for our agency to visit the office and speak with its various expert sources. We will ask questions about trends and other hot topics. During these conversations, we will have our video camera rolling so we can edit the content and turn it into a shareable piece. 

How often will Media Day occur?
Media Day will likely occur once a quarter, but could happen more regularly depending on current news and trends that the company can discuss. 

How long will it last?
Media Day will last from 10am to 2pm. We schedule appointments every 20 minutes. 

How do I sign-up?
Email your account representative to secure your spot.

Do I have to participate?
Media Day is not required, but given you are considered an expert in the field, it’s our goal to showcase your expertise.

Where will the video be published?
Depending on the amount of content we’re able to gather from the interviews, the edited video could end up on your company’s social media channels, blog and website. In addition, we hope to share it with relevant media outlets.

How should I prepare?
While we’re found that some of the best responses are unprepared, we will provide a few questions prior to the event so you have a sense of what direction we’re hoping to go in. This will help with collecting any stats or other pertinent information prior to our discussion.

What should I wear? 
We ask participants to wear what they would wear for a TV studio interview. Look clean, neat and professional. Try to avoid stripes, loud colors and distracting patterns.

Will I be able to view the video before it’s published?
Yes. Once the video is edited, we will send it along to those involved to ensure everyone is happy and comfortable with the piece. 

How long will it take to edit the video?
Depending on how many participants there are and schedules, our turnaround time for the video is two weeks. 

Who approves the video?
While upper management has the final say, we do our best to ensure everyone is happy with the final product. 


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