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Many of you may have heard of the popular application Snapchat, which is available on any app store, for nearly any smartphone nowadays. The app, which has 100 million monthly active users, gives people the ability to take photos or record videos then send them to other users, which, after a short  amount of time, will disappear. While there has been published evidence that the Snapchat demographic is typically among the older teens and the millennials, a case can be made regarding how the app could help businesses develop their brand, if that is your target audience.

By using the “Our Story” feature, “Snappers” can submit and look at a photos or videos as many times as they would like, without it disappearing, for  a full 24 hours. Recently, Snapchat has featured live content streams from marquee events, such as the World Cup Finals, in Rio de Janeiro, the Electric Daisy Carnival in New York and Apple Live. 

The emergence of the “Our Story” feature could be what makes Snapchat a bit more of a marketer’s tool, although, for the short term, it looks to be limited to massive world events.  Hypothetically speaking, if a particular brand was able to take advantage of this feature, whether it would be through a textual add on, or a product that is specifically placed within the photo or video, the potential reach could be a game changer.

Although the feature is still relatively new, the possibilities are there, and people could reap some pretty huge rewards, if they utilize this application properly. 


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