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Sometimes, humanity shines through a devastating event. Amid the tragic hostage crisis in Sydney, Australia from December 15-16, came a movement inspired by a two minute interaction between two strangers. In a Facebook post, Rachael Jacobs wrote that she saw a presumed Muslim woman removing her hijab on the train. Once off the train, Jacobs caught up with the woman and told her to put it back on and said “I’ll walk with u.” The woman, in tears, embraced Jacobs before going seperate ways.

Shortly after, Twitter user Sir Tessa, also known as Tessa Kum , inspired by the Facebook post,  tweeted to support Austrailian Muslims who feared Anti-Muslim backlash and were using public transportation. Once she saw her original post was gaining momentum, she followed up with this:

and the "I'll ride with you" movement began.

According to Twitter Austrailia, in the first two hours, 40,000 tweets were composed using the hashtag #illridewithyou. That number reached 150,000 just two hours later. Because of the movement, thousands of people have offered to meet Muslim folks at a public transit center to accompany them on their journey.

This is an example of the power of social media. It can be a tremendous tool that can inform the public almost instantly. It can do much good as well as bad, so be careful and make sure to exaluate the message you want to send.


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