Posted by David Oates 2 years, 1 month ago


You gotta hand it to the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. They caught some social media flak in the form of angry tweets and Facebook comments for expressing their inner Girl Power by scheduling an all female (staff included) showing of Wonder Woman.

So what did they do? What most wouldn't do - double down.

Now all is not to say that companies shouldn't listen to their constituents. Any business that wants to be around for a while can't survive otherwise. Yet in today's world where anyone can be a vocal critic, it's hard to differentiate what comments are important to consider and others that can be laughed off. Alamo Drafthouse played this with a keen eye and clear focus on its core values and mission. They knew that given the audience as well as their history of holding special events for all sorts of audience groups, they could not only ride the criticism, but embraced it.

Playing this PR card comes with great risks, but if done right, it can pay off. As for me, well if I find myself in Austin, I'll be sure to patronize the Alamo Drafthouse. Heck, I'll probably check out one of their other locations as well.


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