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- Offering focuses on Crisis PR services, training, monitoring programs - 

David Oates, APR, Founder of Stalwart Communications, announced today the launch of its PR Security Service.

The brand focuses on offering organizations as well as other marketing and public relations agencies Crisis PR services in addition to training programs and monitoring support.

“This service possesses two distinct value propositions,” said Oates. “First, we want to help organizations prevent or, if that’s not possible, get through a Crisis PR situation as quickly as possible to resume normal operations. Second, we want to provide these same companies as well as other marketing and PR agencies expert training to be Crisis PR proficient on their own.”

PR Security offers three distinct service packages:

  • Monitoring Services - Provides organizations with real-time alerts to any potentially adverse articles, posts or comments as they occur as well as provide them with a detailed monthly report on all new mentions of their organization, both good and bad.
  • Crisis PR Services - In Yellow, Orange or Red levels, depending on the type of crisis and how far along the incident is. 
  • Accreditation Training - This four-part course, offered via Webinars, will enable participants to receive the PR Security Crisis Communications Accreditation Certificate and be prepared for the most common Crisis PR events.

“A Crisis PR event could cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, productivity and goodwill. Today’s communication environment means an organization can go from hero to zero at the speed of an Instagram post,” said Oates. “Getting ahead of an impending crisis can mean the difference between getting back to normal operations fast and shutting your doors forever.”

PR Security Service is conducted as part of the Stalwart Communications corporation and in partnership with Barrel O’Monkeyz digital marketing agency. More information is available at


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