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Thanks to reporter David Moye for contacting our Founder to comment on the continued Papa John's controversy.

The biggest takeaway was this - you expect an apology letter to be effective if you don't actually say you're sorry. 

It's CrisisPR 101, and looks like one organization may need to go back to school, or hire me. I'm probably cheaper than another four-year degree.


Papa John’s CEO Attempts Damage Control But Not An Apology

But there was one thing not in Ritchie’s letter: a public apology on behalf of the company.

The lack of an apology is a big mistake, according to David Oates, a San Diego-based expert in crisis PR.

“This is not a good response,” Oates told HuffPost. “The fact is that even if the CEO or the Executive Team had nothing to do with the stupidity of its founder and chairman, they are still responsible for all communications ― internal and external ― that occur under its brand.”

Read the entire article here.


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