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They come in and out of our lives like comets,

but leave lasting impressions like giant Redwood trees.

Many of you met them too.

I thought it would be a good time to check in on our former interns and find out where they are now.

Not surprising - they are all crushing it! 

Melina Destein, Stalwart summer 2012 intern

Current position — Google, Retail Marketing Team

I am currently working on the retail marketing team at Google, working on partner relations with our key retailers. I support our marketing initiatives across North America retail for Google products. Absolutely love it! 

What I learned at Stalwart? I loved my internship at Stalwart. During my time, I was able to witness firsthand, how valuable transparency can be across an organization from the top down, and how important a supportive and cohesive team environment is when executing against company goals. I not only learned how to write op-ed pieces, blogs, and press releases, but I learned the importance of honesty and integrity when conducting business. This is critical and has stuck with me to this day. 

I admired the team at Stalwart for their work ethic and dedication they have to their clients. After my time at Stalwart, I went down the in-house PR route, then went into the healthcare space, and now have found my space in retail marketing - the main and most important thing that stuck with me through it all was the strong work ethic and the importance to conduct yourself with honesty and integrity.

Brianna Bruinsma, Stalwart summer 2013 intern

Current position — LEWIS PR, Account Executive 

What I learned at Stalwart? My three month internship at Stalwart Communications was nothing short of amazing. Interning with a small PR agency allowed me to learn how a PR agency functions and how client relationships are established and maintained. I had the chance to develop media relations skills (a must in the PR world), where I scored my first piece of coverage ever. The wide array of clients allowed me to get a taste of different client work/projects and established my love of the tech space. Most notably, my internship project gave me the ability to get hands on experience of what goes in to prepping for a client meeting/project. This gave me insight into one of the most important areas of PR: keeping the client happy. 

Patrice Smith, Stalwart summer 2014 intern

Current position — Freelance Publicist

What I learned at Stalwart? During my internship with Stalwart I learned many things that helped develop my career. As an intern I was really interested in media placements, such as television segments and live event coverage. At the time I worked closely with Elizabeth, who taught me everything I know! After learning the process to secure placements, I immediately put it into practice and I saw amazing results immediately. The knowledge I received from the Stalwart gang helped me to become a popular Publicist. As an intern they taught me a lot which helped me to land an Account Executive position less than a year into my career. After interning with Stalwart, I was securing national placements in New York and booking segments in multiple regions throughout the country. I work with entrepreneurs all throughout the country (mostly east coast) who consider me the expert when it comes to media placements.

Due to my extensive portfolio at such a young age I was accepted into the two best graduate PR programs in the world, Georgetown University and George Washington University. I could go on for pages, but ultimately I am extremely grateful to the Stalwart team for giving me an excellent start! Thanks guys!!

Kalyca Becktel, Stalwart summer/fall 2015 intern

Current position - Stone Brewing, Public Relations Intern

I am currently the public relations intern at Stone Brewing (new proper name). While a lot of our work is on the down low right now, I can tell you that I'm assisting with some big reveal projects. I'm also assisting with the soft opening for our Stone World Bistro & Gardens Berlin and Richmond, Virginia. Stone Brewing also has its 20th Anniversary this August so I'm helping plan a boulder-sized celebration. 

I’m also in my senior year at SDSU. I'm currently the VP of PRSSA and a JMS Peer Advisor. I was conducting research over winter break which has been accepted at the International Public Relations Research Conference in Miami and have been invited to present in March. I am only the second undergraduate from SDSU to have my research accepted by the IPRRC. Miami Baby! My research will also be presented at the Student Research Symposium at SDSU in March. 

What I learned at Stalwart? I can honestly say I developed skills which are just beginning to be utilized in a traditional PR setting. Stalwart is bold and innovative and I learned that new ideas are always worth trying. If no one else has done it, you won’t know if it works until you try it. I took pride in the fact that Stalwart is ahead of the curve in the digital space. At Stalwart, my team was supportive and ethical and full of integrity. I never felt like an intern and always felt like a part of a dynamic and extremely skillful team.  


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