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We live in an era where high profile personalities are more accessible than ever before. And with the proximity, which has become possible because communication has become so digitalized, can come a number of ugly interactions. Most recently, two of such instances, one by Robert Griffin III, quarterback for the Washington Redskins and another by James Dolan, owner of the New York Knicks, can clearly demonstrate when things go bad, quickly.

To give some background to those who are not familiar, Griffin got into a fight with a fan via Instagram after he was criticized for the way he uses social media and Dolan attacked another individual after receiving a critical email. 

These are two prime examples of what not to do when dealing with opinions that you may not agree with. There is a saying that we mention here at the office that states that you know you’ve made it when people become critical and publicly oppose you, and that was the case in these two instances. Only it is how one responds that may gain the most traction. 

Use these two as a reminder; when you are in charge of your own brand, always be mindful of how a message that is open to the public may be perceived. Sometimes it is best to rise above the negativity and let it fall upon silent ears than it is to respond and get into an undesirable firefight.


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