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“Hey lady, call me when you got a sec. It’s about tomorrow” was the text I received at 2:46 p.m. last Thursday afternoon.

Being the intern of Stalwart Communications, a dream internship for any San Diego State University PR major, I called Elizabeth in less than the requested sec.

“So I was wondering what your workload is like tomorrow,” Liz said. Her tone made it obvious it didn’t matter what my workload was because she had a new agenda for me.

Our phone conversation ended quickly. The only insight I had to Friday morning’s agenda was that I wasn’t allowed to know anything and that I might be receiving hints later. The only hint I received… “wear walking shoes.”

The next morning, anxiety stricken after a horrible nightmare about me having to walk everyone’s dogs (and cat) and then being fired for not doing it right (because they are entirely too strict here) I met Liz at her condo.

I was presented with a scavenger hunt sheet and told that my mission today: go to San Diego Comic Con and soak up every piece of marketing and PR you can.

How horrible!? I have to spend the day by the San Diego Bay, surrounded by superheroes and villains, and great food? I have to participate in interactive attractions comparable to that of Universal Studios and get to leave with great swag all while taking selfies and video of yours truly? No problem. Super Intern is up for the challenge.

While channeling my inner superhero (or villain depending on who you ask), my special power, the keen sense of detecting awesome marketing and PR skill, was at an all time high. So what campaign was a Comic Con savior and what sponsor entirely flushed out?

Save The Day:
The new A&E Series: Damien

Year after year, the Gaslamp streets are lined with radical Christians desperately trying to get crowds to repent their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their savior, while yielding a megaphone and picket signs of Christ dying on a cross. This year the marketing group at A&E took advantage of the sure-fire occurrence by creating a picket line of their own. They made Antichrist posters for rival protesters to plug the A&E series Damien. It allowed the Damien marketing mob to stand out from the large number of pack-based advertising.

Flushed Out:
Movie: The Divergent Series: Insurgent

From what I can gather, toilets have nothing to do with the Divergent series. Even if there is a hidden meaning, associating your add with a toilet used by thousands roaming the streets of the Gaslamp district probably isn’t the best strategy. I’m thinking this was a last minute effort to get Insurgent placed somewhere among all other Comic Con marketing campaigns. Plastering your add on a porta potty just seems in poor taste.

I will gladly accept this challenge again next year. Though, I think we should spring for a Stalwartian bat signal rather than a terrifying text the afternoon before my Comic Con adventure.


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