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One of the greatest resources our company’s website offers prospective clients that truly showcases our experience is our case studies. Some have argued that case studies are often more effective than brochures and traditional sales collateral. I tend to agree.

There’s no better way to sell your services than by sharing your customer’s successes that’s backed with data. When creating case studies, formats can vary, but I’ve always preferred the background/problem, solution and results structure.

Background/Problem: This includes background on the company and dives into the pain point(s) that the client was experiencing. What problems did they need us to solve?

Solution: After fully understanding the problem our client was facing, we outlined what our PR plan was to help them achieve their goals. This discusses our tactics, strategies and more.

Results: We listened to our clients needs, created a game plan, but did we achieve the desired outcome? In this section, we include relevant metrics that convey our success.

Here is a recent case study created on client Higgs Fletcher & Mack. While we’ve handled the firm’s public relations with an emphasis on media relations and award management, Higgs wanted to raise awareness further and highlight its attorneys, and showcase the firm’s capabilities as well as involvement within the community. We recommended spearheading a robust content marketing strategy and disseminating content via blogs, social media and email marketing. As a result, we were able to increase monthly page views by more than 200 percent and raise unique visitors by 281 percent.

These pieces are great marketing resources that showcase your ability to not only solve problems, but produce results. If you haven't created case studies for each of your services, I highly recommend doing so. The next time a propsect asks about your expereince in a certain area, you'll be able to provide them with a great resource that demonstrates your ability.


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