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Many ask the question, should I write on spec? First, what does it mean to write on spec? Writing on spec is when you write an article for a publication without the promise of the publication purchasing the article. In the communications industry, spec writing is when a client asks you to create a sample project without the guarantee of a contract. So the big question is, is it worthwhile?

Experts go back and forth about this topic, and though I am nowhere near an expert, I’d still like to share my opinion:

I think spec writing is worthwhile, especially if you’re young and still looking to establish your career. Every marketing, advertising, or public relations job that you apply for will ask you for sample work because everyone is interested in knowing how your skills can be of help to not only the agency, but more importantly the clients. So why not invest your time into spec writing? The more you write on spec, the more practice you receive, meaning the better you become. Though you may not have landed your dream job yet, writing on spec could be the first step towards that perfect career. So choose a company and create a new marketing plan or write a press release about your favorite store. These types of projects will help you sharpen your skills. Below, I have included a fake press release that I wrote for The Walt Disney Company. Hope you enjoy!



Mickey and Minnie Mouse Call it Quits

-Hollywood Stars file for divorce after decades-

ORLANDO, FL—July 17, 2014—Mickey and Minerva Mouse, commonly known as Minnie Mouse, call it quits after 78 years of Hollywood love.

The two Hollywood stars decided to file for divorce after enduring over seven decades together in the entertainment business.

“While this is a personal and private matter for Minnie and Mickey, the Walt Disney,” stated Mic Stand, President of Marketing. “We’d also like to assure the public that this will not interfere with their presence at any of the company’s global parks and resorts.”

The couple started having problems last summer after Mickey was caught riding “It’s a Small World” with a large group of female guests without his long term beau. When approached about the situation, Mickey was unable to say anything because mice can’t speak.

Since they're mice — and famous — Mickey and Minnie had no direct comment about their split at the company’s famous Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida..

About Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Company is an American multinational mass media corporation headquartered in Burbank, California. The company was founded in 1923 by brothers, Walt and Roy O. Disney. With 11 parks and resorts, eight studios, and seven media networks, Walt Disney has impacted the lives of families around the world for many decades. More information is available at




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