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I feel like Instagram is a dinosaur and Facebook…don’t get me started.

I’ve had a Snapchat account for awhile, but only became active a couple weeks ago. I thought I was too old or it was complicated, but now I am HOOKED.

I think I love it so much for two reasons:

  • Intimacy - sure you can take a video and share it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, but those platforms can get in the way of the viewing experience. It surrounds your piece of content instead of making it the star. There is something beautiful about the user experience of Snapchat. When you’re watching a video or looking at a photo, it takes over all the real estate on your smartphone screen. This simple UX decision makes observing much more dynamic and immersive. Taking over the whole screen vs. looking at a square, opens a window into a friend, celebrity or brand that makes me feel a deeper connection than I ever have before on social media. Hamilton musical, I feel so close to you right now, it’s a force field!
  • Storytelling - a “story” may only be one snap, but typically it’s a series of video snaps following your friend, celebrity or brand that day. As marketers, we know the power of a good story and you just can’t piece it together as seamlessly on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The photos and videos autoplay in sequence and that's another brilliant UX decision to keep audience attention. The stories are also time sensitive. No other platform can touch the urgency of needing to see the snaps before they disappear.

Like most social networks, I take/watch a lot more content than I give, but I finally told my first story this morning! As I mentioned, I’m new to the platform and there was crime scene tape I couldn’t cross so…hopefully you get the gist!

If you wan't inspiration for a brand that's been dominating Snapchat for years, look no further than LACMA. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has the one snap story down. However, they also pulled off perhaps the greatest feat of social media strength by snapping Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Now that's how you tell a story! Bravo! 

Please find my social media embarrassments on Snapchat here: 


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