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As a recent college journalism student, I spent a lot of time thinking about finding a job and became petrified of the lack of opportunities available for new graduates to break into the newspaper business. So, I did what anyone in my situation would have done; expanded my search parameters and looked into public relations., A few weeks later, I was cruising down the freeway, commuting to my first day with Stalwart Communications. Now, finishing up my fourth week with the company, I discovered that several skills I learned in college, while studying journalism, can also be applied in the public relations practice.


I often take writing for granted because it came easy throughout college. Now, in public relations, I find this skill may just be as important as it is in journalism. Before I began with Stalwart, I thought I would only use my writing abilities in press releases, but quickly learned that is not the case. In fact, one of my first assignments was to draft a “ghost article” about cyber security. However, these are not the only two cases in which one would write; others help create company newsletters, among other things.


While persistency plays a key role in journalism when it came to getting in touch with sources, I never expected it to play a role in public relations; but I was wrong, yet again. In my first four weeks, I have reinvented my theme of “bugging people until I get a response” to help with community outreach efforts, in order to ensure that targets receive the message.


I know this could be more of a concept than a skill, but my exposure to the idea of pitching, while the editor-in-chief of my college newspaper is valuable. Although the end goal is different, learning to pitch stories as the editor helped expose the importance of communicating a thought to achieve a result, a method used in public relations.


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