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By Jason Cowan

It has been an interesting week for anyone trying to send an email campaign via Constant Contact. On Monday, the service was experiencing technical difficulties and users were having a tough time logging in then, once that issue was resolved, people could not send out email campaigns.  That issue persisted a little longer, lasting more than 24 hours, running into Tuesday. When it was finally resolved and campaigns were sending, they were doing so at a sluggish pace. An email marketing service that was not able to send emails for more than two business days? Yeah, it’s safe to say Constant Contact had a tough week.

The response on social media was as you may have expected; people were furious. Typically, Constant Contact does not receive an abundance of Facebook and Twitter audience engagement, but people were extremely verbal come time of the crisis. The company, which provided status updates every couple of hours, was flooded by complaints and threats by those who felt obligated to take their business elsewhere. However, the way Constant Contact dealt with the situation was noteworthy.

While dealing with the crisis, Constant Contact was very up front with the issues and replied to all of the concerns voiced on their social media. Furthermore Constant Contact seemed sincere as they expressed remorse and explained that they were working “around the clock to address the issue and restore their services.” Once the issues were resolved, the CEO of Constant Contact sent a letter out to customers and partners urging those with any remaining issues to reach out.

Constant Contact experienced a crisis which no doubt hurt business, but the way they dealt with it was by the book, which can make the whole thing forgiveable.


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