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Jason Cowan

Earlier this month Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers made national headlines by wearing a pair of bright pink Beats by Dre headphones after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs. The NFL, which has an exclusive agreement with Bose, fined Kaepernick $10,000 for wearing the headphones, which were not approved by the league. Now, while some of you might be shaking your heads at what seems like an elementary mistake by a defiant young player, it could actually be a brilliant marketing stunt from Beats by Dre.

Basically, what Beats by Dre stumbled upon, accidentally or not, was one of the most cost effective and efficient commercials in recent memory. Assuming that the headphone company did pay the $10,000 fine (which was never confirmed by anyone), they still would have gotten close to a 97 percent discount from a conventional 30 second commercial slot during ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” which, in 2013 ran at $408,000 per a Variety report. Even more so, the $10,000 fine created much more buzz than a commercial that would have aired during a national broadcast ever might have been able to, generating continuous press buzz on various national publications for close to a month.

This just goes to show; the name of the game is creativity and Beats by Dre won this round.


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