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I got really excited when I heard one of my favorite media moguls was launching a new digital publication called "The Outline" taking direct aim at the magazine as we know it. 

I have loved and admired Joshua Topolsky's career since first catching him on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" as its technology correspondent back when he was Engadget's editor-in-chief. His latest venture called "The Outline" is described as a mixture of print magazines and Snapchat's Discover section. That sounds almost as cool as the fact Joshua was born in Pittsburgh, PA and he side gigs as a DJ. 

The Outline's content is a cross between longform journalism and "smart aggregation" according to Joshua's interview with The Wall Street Journal. It's a departure from current online news sites with swipe navigation to view stories on a vertical mobile screen rather than headlines beckoning you to scroll for clickbait.

Its custom ads are designed to be full-screen too, similar to a classic magazine ad only on a phone. The idea is beautiful digital advertising with an art director's eye, not an engineers. However, timeliness is key and the creator insists they've found a way to move quickly and make it easy for brands, while still offering differentiation on the platform. Clearly, big brands aren't shying away -- Cadillac, Method and Under Armour have already signed on as The Outline's initial sponsors. 

Joshua, I am rooting for you! 

What digital storytellers do you think will crush it in 2017?


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