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Set out to recruit fresh members for PRSSA at SDSU (you know, because I’m Vice Prez… holla!!). I entered into a class entitled JMS 210: Social Media In The Digital Age. After my fabulous, invigorating and entertaining speech about why lower division PR students should join PRSSA, I passed around a sign up sheet and took a seat in the back of the packed 400-person lecture hall.
I found myself listening to a 50 minute lesson practically identical to the one I heard when my toucas was filling one of the seats as a lower division student.
#Nostalgia #Senior
Social media is a constantly evolving force, but these three digital moments have had such a great impact on PR and marketing, my professors are still teaching them almost two years later.
Therefore I bring you “the top three social media moments still taught in college”

3) PSY – Gangnam Style

This music video has 2.4 BILLION YouTube views proving that entertainment is the most important goal when deploying anything on social media. The video is silly, but fun and an actual pleasure to watch. “Gangnam Style” checked a lot of cultural boxes making it relatable for multiple target audiences. And lets not forget the peer pressure. “You still haven’t seen Gangnam Style? LAME”

2) IAC’s Sr. Director of Communications at Justine Sacco’s tweet while flying to South Africa

Ms. Sacco posted a quite unfortunate and… well… racist tweet to entertain her small crowd of 170 twitter followers.

Sacco’s tweet was re-tweeted by online media guru Sam Biddle to his 15,000 followers. Tens of thousands of people responded to Sacco accusing her of ignorance and racism.

Almost two years later, Justine is still trying to reconcile with the tens of thousands of people she offended.

And the best campaign to unveil on social media EVER!

Drum roll please…

1) Oreo’s Super Bowl Tweet: You can still dunk in the dark

The power going out at the Superdome during the Super Bowl showdown between the San Francisco 49s and the Baltimore Ravens in 2013 should have been the monumental moment during the game.

Oreo stole the show when they lit up Twitter with the tweet “Power out? No problem.”

Viewers loved the tweet and retweeted it 10,000 times in one hour. The quick social media wit landed more attention than Oreo’s actual Super Bowl ad, which cost them millions more to create.

Oreo was 2013’s Super Bowl champion!


  • kaye 3 years, 10 months ago

    I talked about two of those cases (#HasJustineLandedYet & Oreo) this week in my classes! The #HasJustineLandedYet just came up as a result of a student question & the Oreo case study was planned. That said, we professors obviously need NEW material if you're hearing the same stuff 4 years later about digital! :)

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    • Kalyca Becktel 3 years, 9 months ago

      Hi Dr. Sweeter... eeerrr... Kaye

      We think these examples are great case studies. The lessons here are gold. Teach on and preach on sister! Thanks for shaping the minds and the future of PR!

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