Posted by David Oates 2 years, 11 months ago


The California primaries are taking place as I write this. Like in years past, I dutifully — and proudly — went the quarter mile down to my local polling spot first thing this morning to cast my ballot. It’s the same location every year, courtesy of a gracious and generous family in our extended neighborhood who covert their two-car garage into a place where democracy can flourish.

After submitting my completed ballot, I gladly accepted the customary “I Voted” sticker and prominently displayed it on my shirt for the rest of day. Given the state of the political climate, I was expecting all kinds of reactions to it. Instead, all I received was support from a wide variety of peoples who appreciated my decision to exercise my civic responsibility. Moreover, I found that everyone else with whom I talked had either already voted or were on their way to do so. To say that I was pleasantly surprised with the higher-than-expected level of turnout is an understatement. I was elated to discover that a great many others still believe voting is both a right and privilege.

My take away from all of this is the ecstatic revelation that the “voter” remains a strong brand that elicits positive emotions from individuals regardless of their political ideals. The singular act of casting a vote continues to be a recognized symbol of freedom that many cherish and some have even died to obtain or protect. I’m glad for that and hopeful for the future.


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