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Stalwart Communications is excited to have Jason Cowan and Patrice Smith on board this summer for our annual internship program. Since starting, they've already been a tremendous help assisting on client accounts (they're actually banned from the coffee machine). Here's a little more you should know about them:


Degree: Mass Communications (Journalism emphasis)

Education: Colorado State University - Pueblo

Favorite college course: Human Sexuality (Because of the teachers)

Favorite TV show: Arrested Development

Favorite book: The Hunger Games Trilogy

Favorite ad: Mayhem from Allstate

Favorite charity: The North American Food Drive (Feeding America)

Three things people don’t know about you:

1) I am a Halloween Baby
2) I love the ocean (surfing, swimming or sitting under the sun)
3) I love cliffhangers (from books, television shows or movies)

Follow Jason on Twitter at: @JasonMatty


Education: University of California, Riverside

Degree: B.S in Business Administration (Marketing emphasis)

Favorite college course: Advertising

Favorite charity: Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Three things people don’t know about you:
1) I love orchestras
2) I am attempting to learn two string instruments this summer
3) I taught myself how to read music


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