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By David Oates

About a month ago I made a brief, but poignant comment on my Facebook page about the silliness showcased by a Dave & Buster's social media person when making this post:

Though many agreed with my stance of how tasteless and unthinking the tweet was, I had about an equal amount of responses disagreeing with me by asking what was the big deal. They came from all sides, including from people of Hispanic backgrounds. Their belief was that the line has been used before and many thought it was funny. 

Here's the reality. The comment in and of itself may be humorous in certain circles, such as when it is stated by a comedian during their standup routine. It may even be funny if tweeted by a Mexican restaurant chain or another similar restaurant. The litmus test for this and any other campaign is in how well the statement aligns with the brand.

Dave & Buster's is a friendly, inclusive, entertainment and food venue that caters to all ages, genders and races. The tweet, therefore, was completely out of character, making it at best confusing and, worst case, condenscending. Consistency is key in any marketing initiative. Dave & Buster's found this out all too quickly.

What's your take?


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