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The 2016 political convention season has put the art of public speaking on full display; some good, some not so much. More specifically, the past few days have been shown us some of the best in the biz. President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Former President Bill Clinton and Democratic President Nominee Hillary Clinton all spoke elloquently. While differing in style, they were all great.

But one overshadowed them all. Michelle Obama didn’t just nail it. She rocked it.

I’m not talking about the content here. Rather, it was how she engaged the audience that was nothing short of stellar.

Take a look.

Here are the reasons why her oratory skills are the standards for CEOs and other executives to emulate:

  • Authenticity. While Mrs. Obama used prepared remarks, she presented them with genuine sincerity and emotion. She believed in what she is saying and the audience got that.
  • Eyes On People, Not Prompters. For her, the teleprompter was merely a guideline. Instead of focusing on the screens, Mrs. Obama is made sure she engaged the people in the hall at a personal level.
  • Confident, Not Cocky. This is a fine line to walk. Audiences can sense when you’re nervous and will be turned off by that. At the same time, coming off too strong will give the appearance of arrogance and create a virtual barrier - a wall if you will - between you and those in attendance. Mrs. Obama threaded that seam perfectly.

Whether you’re in agreement with her ideas or not, Mrs. Obama is one outstanding example of an excellent speaker. Period -- or should I say, mic drop!


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