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I finally made it to a “Creative Mornings” event in San Diego to hear from Dave Brown on the topic work. I’ve always admired his “Love Your Work, Work Your Love” motto dating back to Holiday Matinee.

Dave has a sweet gig in New York City now as the SVP, Group Creative Director for Edelman’s Experience Design team. In this role, he designs physical experiences that are digitally connected for brands.

That’s a lot to wrap your head around. However, he shared beautiful examples of the kind of work he's doing to help us grasp the concept. One idea really stood out to me and I can't stop thinking about it. 

Dave found out he was being sent to Cannes for the advertising/creativity awards. He ran with the notion that some of the best things that happen at conferences happen off stage, away from the programming, and decided to do something about that.

Just before he left for the show he created “Top Five” as a throwback to his DIY/punk rock days. The grassroots idea was to host an event in his Airbnb living room in France, despite his bosses being roommates who thankfully went along with it.

He made hundreds of MOO minicards. On one side it said “Top Five” and the other said:

You are invited
Email your Top Five to X
Join us at date, time, address

He gave everyone he was traveling with a stack of “Top Five” cards with direction to give them to interesting people they met during the first three days of the show. Invite them to the party to give a quick “Top Five” presentation on anything inspirational, creative, etc. He said the topic didn’t matter and the intent was to go really fast. 

His team back in New York was on standby receiving the “Top Five” emails to put a presentation deck together with what people shared.

Dave admitted this could have been a complete bomb. Fortunately, it wasn’t, especially because he bought snacks and stocked the fridge with rosé and beer.

The editor-in-chief of Fast Company showed, people from the Droga5 and many great agencies attended. Dave called it the “best memory I have from that week in France.”

The lesson according to Dave? Don’t be afraid to bring that DIY/punk rock mentality regardless of the position you hold within a company. Anything you can do to facilitate those offline/online interactions is going to pay dividends.

Later that morning, I emailed Dave to find out his “Top Five.” His answer?

1. FARGO (best TV show I’ve seen all year)
2. Getting Married (did that in July - I’m a very lucky dude)
3. Force Touch on the iPhone (using it with the Starbucks app is beyond incredible)
4. Rdio (R.I.P.)
5. Dove Men Care dry spray deodorant (totally random but i’m addicted)

What's your Top Five?


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